Grants Administrator

Job description

Third Way is a national think tank that develops and champions modern centrist ideas.

The Grants Administrator will manage and support all administrative processes for Third Way grants.  The Grants Administrator reports to the Financial Controller and works collaboratively with all programs, grantees, vendors, and other staff members.

As the Grants Administrator, your duties include…

  • Serving as the liaison between the grantees, the programs, and third party vendors to ensure Third Way remains in compliance with the terms of the grants.
  • Collaborating with programs and finance to write compelling grant proposals in an effort find new grantees.
  • Generating monthly, interim, and final reports for programs and grantees to ensure all stakeholders remain current on all grant activities.
  • Managing grant budgets by monitoring grant spending and sub-contractor expenses to maintain accurate grant financials.
  • Review and process grantee payments and amendment requests to ensure all grants portfolios are current and correct.
  • Setting up routine meetings with programs and grantees to discuss status of grant activities and allow for a productive exchange of questions and answers.
  • Researching industry standards for grant writing, tracking, and foundation engagement to ensure that Third Way implements best practices.
  • Staying current on foundation policies and federal regulations to protect Third Way’s interest.
  • Seeking out new grant opportunities in support of the entire organization’s budget and funding efforts.
  • Designing and implementing a standard grant administration process from initial application to closing process to ensure all stakeholders in grant process has a clear understanding of grant deliverables and milestones.
  • Other duties may be assigned, as needed.

The Grants Administrator will have a positive impact on Third Way’s grant administration process, by demonstrating the ability to manage the expectations of the grantee, the terms of the grant, and concisely and consistently report all activities.


This might be the job for you, if you…

  • Enjoy working collaboratively with others.
  • Like managing scope, cost, and timelines.
  • Pay attention to details and take pride in your work.
  • Are curious and eager to learn.
  • Think on your feet and adapt to change effortlessly.
  • Want to be a part of something great and impactful.
  • Communicate clearly in writing, speak eloquently, and are comfortable explaining to others the mission of Third Way.
  • You want to make a difference and an imprint as Third Way’s Grants Administrator.

In the Third Way Culture, we are looking for…

  • Self-starters: People who see and seize opportunities, take risks, learn from failure, and will bring a sustained passion for our mission.
  • Collaborators: People who work in teams—sharing ideas, brainstorming, co-authoring products, and advancing its shared priorities.
  • Creators: People who foster divergent thinking; that aren’t afraid to take on the orthodoxies of the left or the right. Team members come up with original insights, find unique ways to look at data, and challenge their preconceptions.
  • Results-oriented: People who function with an organizational commitment to clear objectives, ambitious timelines, accountability for results, and a focus on impact.

Competitive compensation and benefits.

Third Way is an equal opportunity employer; women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.